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Daily Caregiving

Adora HomeCare services provides the necessary care right at home to avoid the need to leave the home you’ve become so familiar with. Even if home is an apartment in an Assistant Living facility, we can provide our caregiving there as well. Our goal is to help you receive adequate care in the place you call home. The ability to stay in the surroundings of familiarity aids in the level of comfort which assists in one’s overall wellbeing. Our professional care services via experienced caregivers can provide assistance in all activities of daily living.   

Care via a Personal Care Assistant

Mobility assistance - Assistance in getting dressed - Oral care (gums, teeth/dentures) - Assistance in bathing/showering or sponge baths - Skin attention and care - Grooming hair and shaving (electric only) - Toileting assistance - Transferring help in/out of chairs/beds - Nourishment feeding according to physician or family meal plans - Ongoing responsiveness observation.

Adora HomeCare is a Private Duty Agency. 

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